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At Browns Tree Care / Browns Tree Farms we are aware of, and practice, the best of the latest and traditional techniques in tree planting.

Browns Tree Farms – A division of Browns Tree Care

To have success when planting new trees, it is important to remember “The Big 3”

1. Plant high quality plants
2. Use proper planting procedure
3. Plant the right tree in the right place

Many tree planting traditions have been passed down through generations in the landscape and arboriculture professions. Although some of these techniques are still recommended today, others have been modified to reflect research findings and technological developments.

It is very important to match the tree and its requirements to the planting site conditions. The best planting procedures and techniques will not save a tree that is poorly suited for its site.

  • The selected tree species must be able to tolerate the site conditions, for example the shade available, soil space, wetness or possible dry conditions.
  • Our trees are guaranteed for 12.
  • I.S.A. Certified Arborist makes the difference. Having trees raised, planted, and selected by our I.S.A. Certified Arborist greatly increases the chances of our trees growing and thriving which makes it possible for us to guarantee them for a longer time period.
    Our product that is not grown by us is provided by reputable nursery growers that follow the highest industry standards.