Browns Tree Farms

Tyrone & Stanley Marcus’ Advice

“Years ago, when I was in my twenties, Howard Garrett (the dirt doctor), referred our company to his next door neighbor Stanley Marcus (of Neiman Marcus). Mr. Marcus hired us to prune his trees several times over the years, and would spend time talking to me each time we worked for him. I always enjoyed those conversations. Once I asked him to give me some of his best advice for our company, and he said to me:

“Tyrone, I think that you should find your niche in the industry and stick to it. For example, at Neiman Marcus we do what we do. You guys (at Brown’s Tree Care) do quality work for a good, fair price. I think that you should make yourself known for that.”

We took that advice and we believe it has worked for us. We would rather have lots of clients making a lower profit from each client, than have fewer clients making a higher profit from each client.

We are always striving to come up with more ways to keep our prices down, for example; remaining debt free, always putting safety first, and treating our employees like family.

This is what we’re doing at Browns Tree Farms: Instead of buying small trees from other companies to plant and raise. We are propagating and growing our trees from acorns and samples that we gather from our client’s homes and properties. The homes and properties with the best trees, thereby, cutting expenses, saving our clients more money.

Tyrone Brown Sr.
Certified Arborist TX-1136
Browns Tree Care / Browns Tree Farms

“Happiness, it is said, is seldom found by those who seek it, and never by those who seek it for themselves.”