About Us

Our Love Story

Owners of Brown’s Tree Care, Tyrone & Kitty Brown share a love story with each other and nature. Their passion for arboriculture goes a long way back. They both spent their growing up years in a rural agricultural community. When Tyrone was 11 years old, Kitty’s family moved next door (Kitty was 10 years old), and yes it was love at first sight.

The deal was sealed when Tyrone’s favorite aunt (affectionately known as Aunt Shug) made them share a song book in their local church youth choir. They became best friends as children and were inseparable; loving nature, climbing trees, eating fresh fruit from Tyrone’s family’s 15 different species of fruit trees. They ate grapes from the vine, raw veggies from the garden, laughing, playing, and sometimes, their version of championship wrestling (which Kitty always won – at the time being about 6” taller).

As teenagers their friendship blossomed into love. Tyrone and Kitty showed a strong interest in trees even back then. During the summers when school was out Tyrone worked at places like Stark Brothers Nursery grafting and budding fruit trees, Peach tree orchards, and a Pecan tree orchard with Kitty.

Kitty always had a special interest in the relationship between soil, plant life, and water, which helped her win second place at the high school science fair explaining the difference in tap water and rain water.

Our Story

Off to college

Tyrone received the John Philip Sousa Award (an award given to the most outstanding senior in music) so consequently was able to go to Grambling State University on a music scholarship. They were married the same year. Kitty attended University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff where Tyrone transferred the following year to join her.

After college, they moved to Dallas with $58.00 and a dream. Tyrone reminisces, “When I tell people we had a humble beginning here in Dallas, I don’t tell them how humble. We slept in our car in the dead of winter for almost 2 weeks until we got our first check from a temporary restaurant job that we were able to pick up.

After our first checks we were able to move into a very, very humble motel. After about a month of that we saved enough to find a small apartment to call home.”

Before brown’s tree care

Eventually, Tyrone got a job working for Asplundh Tree Experts (the largest tree company in America) where he quickly became a crew foreman.
After work, they began to find customers of their own and do the work on the weekends. Word of their professionalism, knowledge of trees and great service spread quickly until Tyrone was able to quit Asplundh Tree Experts and start serving their growing customer list full time. In 1983, Brown’s Tree Care was born.

Thirty five years later, Tyrone and Kitty still love each other and nature through Brown’s Tree Care. Their company services the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area in excellence. They oversee a team of specialists and certified arborists.

A Personal Note

From Ty & Kitty

“The tree is the largest and most people believe the most important plant in a landscape (natural or designed). They cover hills and mountains, the banks of our many rivers and lakes, parks, city streets and in the yards of our many homes. We are grateful to be able to care for, treat, and grow these magnificent creations.

We are thankful for our family which includes two sons, Tyrone Jr., Carlos, one daughter Shari, two daughters-in-law, La Fonda and Tamara, son-in-law Clifton, three granddaughters Danielle, Kyla, Samantha and two grandsons: Clifton, Jr and Trè.

We are so very thankful for YOU our customer. For without you our company would not exist. Thanks for reading our story!”

Ty & Kitty